I am a mom to beautiful daughter and a dedicated wife. Some says that their dream job is to become a full time mom. No any other worries except taking care of the house, budget of the house, their children; their husband. Yes! it is really fulfilling to see your children grow, taking care of your husband’s need while he is at work and busy providing for our needs and to have a personal touch in everything inside your house and indeed, really a noble job. But there are times, when I am having my “Me -time” I am asking my self, is this really what I want to become? a full time mom? other says, “just a full time mom.”

Way back in the year 2016 after five years of working in a corporate setting, I decided to temporarily end my career to give way in building my own family (after a year of being married). It was really a struggle for me to conceive a baby because of pressure in work, traffic and other factors that led me to have a hormonal imbalanced. I had to stay at home, relax and keep myself healthy away from all stress that surround me. After two months of trying (after I resigned) finally, God answered our prayers and we are blessed to have a cute baby girl. Three years had passed and I am really enjoying motherhood. Spending time with my daughter, seeing her grow everyday and being there in her every milestone is such a very fulfilling one when you are already a mother. But then, something hits me one day. We want to move in to our own house, to have our own. How can that be possible if my husband is the only one working. Where in fact I have the capacity to help him. But then again, how? I do not want to leave my daughter. I cannot imagine her taking care of other (even if they are my relatives).

Things will fall into place if it is meant to be. While I am browsing in the internet, I saw a blog regarding freelancing. I browsed through it and says there, “Personal Goals will be hard if you don’t have any plan and dedication to achieve it, you should smart in your goals be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely so that you have a list and timeline to achieve all those goals this 2020.” This led me to assess myself. Do I really want to leverage myself? How will I going to make my first move? Where will I going to start? What do I really want? Then suddenly, all of these questions were answered.

While browsing I saw post regarding a mom who were able to manage her time being a stay at home mom at the same time a successful freelancer. I searched a page and luckily I found out about FVA Consultancy I browsed the page and got interested. I am about to inquire to that page but when I browsed on my Facebook account the Page of Coach Lau (also connected in FVA Consultancy )pooped and that when I inquired to her in messenger and here I am currently enrolled in her class batch. Truly FVA Consultancy is really a big help to our aspiring freelancers. They are really focused on how we are able to step closer to our dreams; to our goals and they will not leave us unprepared in the battle that we have in store. So if you are like me who would like to set foot forward, YOU MUST make your move and inquire to them. A very good choice indeed!

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